Please see below for the links to relevant information issued by the various national optical bodies:

The College of Optometrists



Latest LOCSU Update: 27/03/20

NHSE – GOS Provider Correspondence
Click here for the NHSE Optometry Essential and Urgent Risk Stratification Referral Guidance: 08/04/20
Click here for letter from NHSE to GOS Providers: 01/04/20*
Click here for COVID-19: NHS General Ophthalmic Services (GOS) Provider Update (London) 26/03/20

PCSE Correspondence
Click here for a COVID-19 update about PCSE services 30/03/20

Optical Fees Negotiating Committee (OFNC)
Click here for OFNC Press Release: Routine sight testing in the UK 13/05/20
Click here for OFNC guidance on changes to Primary Care in England: 18/4/20
Click here for OFNC guidance on changes to Primary Eye Care in England: 08/04/20
Click here for OFNC correspondence re NHSE Letter dated 01/04/20
Click here for joint statement regarding essential opening arrangements – 24/03/20
Click here for the statement regarding financial support and adjustment to contract requirements.
Click here for LOCSU’s News Flash re OFNC Advice to all Optical Practices and Practitioners (23/03/20)

Advice re Viral Conjuctivitis
Click here for The College’s well worded joint statement with the Royal College of Ophthalmologists about Viral Conjunctivitis and Covid-19.

Click here for the NHS England SOPs for Primary care. Content changes since the previous version are highlighted in yellow.

GOC Statements and Information
The GOC has issued a couple of important statements:

1) Click here for a joint statement with the other healthcare regulators recognising that professionals may need to depart from their usual procedures at this time.

2) Click here for reassurance that using professional judgement we can supply spectacles and contact lenses without first requiring the patient to attend an optical practice.

The main GOC Covid-19 page which references these and other statements is here.

Government Advice
The sector-specific advice above sits on top of the Government advice to all citizens (click here). This advises risk groups, those over 70 and those with underlying health conditions (details on the site) to follow social distancing measures.

Click here for guidance regarding social distancing.

It has been announced that schools will provide childcare (not education) for children of health & social care workers so they can continue to work. Click here for the guidance the schools are following is here.