In line with the NHS Diabetic Eye Screening Programme, all people over the age of 12 with diabetes
in the Cornwall LOC area are offered annual screening with digital retinal photography through these
screening programmes:

Cornwall & Isles of Scilly Diabetic Eye Screening Programme

Diabetic Retinal Screening Co-ordinator: Mary Harrison Tel: 01872 254582

email: mary.harrison@rcht.cornwall.nhs.uk

Enquiries at Diabetic Retinal Screening

Tel: 01872 254674
email: drss@cornwall.nhs.uk

As indicated in the College of Optometrists Guidelines, it is unprofessional to seek to dissuade a patient from attending a local NHS diabetic retinopathy screening service (DRSS). This service
provides secondary and tertiary grading, appropriate referral into secondary care, formal results reporting and robust recall and monitoring processes all of which are subject to stringent quality
assurance measures. However, where a patient has made it clear that they have no intention of attending the NHS service, it would then be appropriate to offer them a dilated retinal examination,
either as part of a sight test or as an additional separate service. You should not, however, suggest that such a service is an alternative to an accredited NHS screening service conforming to National
Screening Committee standards.